m i n i m a l

“it´s drapes. it´s lines. it´s minimal


Nata Mesnikovich is a Russian dissident who has been living in Barcelona since 2013. While in Moscow she worked as a concert cloth designer for a famous pop artist, wrote a weekly column for a fashion magazine and had monthly appearances in a tv fashion program.  While in Voronezh she worked as a go-go dancer designer for the darkest clubs in town. Her childhood in Magadan is filled with memories eating caviar and crab legs.


We ship our clothes from Japan through Dubai into Paris all the way to the L.A. Our prices do not include shipping and handling.  We look into every new destination that we ship individually in order to find the most convenient and economic options.


All our clothes are made with 100% natural fabrics from Spain, France and Portugal. We are on a continuous search for the original and best quality fabrics implementing a technic and expertise in quality control. Our preference is for fabric that falls along your body for maximum appeal.