m i n i m a l



A Spanish brand with Russian roots. We prefer mainly natural fabrics, a minimum number of accessories and clean but interesting lines in a natural color that emphasises the author's cut. The mood of the brand is feminine, intellectually-sexual



Nata Mesnikovich is a Russian dissident who has been living in Barcelona since 2013. While in Moscow she worked as a concert cloth designer for a famous pop artist, wrote a weekly column for a fashion magazine and had monthly appearances in a tv fashion program.  While in Voronezh she worked as a go-go dancer designer for the darkest clubs in town. Her childhood in Magadan is filled with memories eating caviar and crab legs.



All our clothes are made with 100% natural fabrics from Spain and France. We are on a continuous search for the original and best quality fabrics implementing a technic and expertise in quality control. Our preference is for fabric that falls along your body for maximum appeal.